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You can now grade higher-order thinking responses for all open-ended question types on Quizizz. You can evaluate open-ended answers and provide a scaled grade that best matches students' answers by changing a score manually. Grading on a scale allows for evaluating answers to comprehension, opinion-based, and discussion-oriented questions; you can make accurate assessments of students' understanding of qualitative topics and concepts.

You can manually grade student responses for the following question types: Multiple Choice Questions, Draw, Open-ended, Fill-in-the-Blanks, Audio, and Video responses. Your evaluation and feedback with these question types provide involvement in students' learning process; they also get the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into their own learning.

Flexible Grading is available on the Quizizz Individual (Super), and School and District Plans.

To enable Flexible Grading on Quizizz, follow these steps:

  1. Create a quiz or bulk import questions from millions of quizzes from the Quizizz library
  2. Set your required points while you are creating a question or editing an imported question
  3. 1 point is tagged to a question type by default. The range is Ungraded (0) to a maximum (20) points for all question types 
  4. Once you create the quiz, save and assign it as a live quiz (in classic or instructor-paced modes) or assign it as homework
  5. Access post-quiz reports once your students have completed the quiz from the 'Reports' tab
  6. Click on the 'Question' tab and click on 'Score Responses' on the right
  7. As a student has already participated in the quiz, you can manually grade with a customized score by clicking a score from the drop-down. The maximum number of points to select from the reports will be the same as the points which were set while creating the quiz.

  8. Once you manually grade all questions with customized scores, click on the 'Questions' tab to check for questions with asterisks. These are the questions that have been manually graded

  9. All manually graded customized scores are automatically updated on your preferred LMS. There is no need for you to redo this on the LMS reports

Reports on Longitudinal Graphs will also reflect the manually graded quizzes for student performance within class reports. 

- Default point assigned per question is 1 point

- You cannot manually grade Poll questions with customized scores.

- Flexible Grading with Customized scores is based on the accuracy of every student's attempt. These points are not gamification points

- In case some of the answers are partially correct, check for the post-quiz report; they will be denoted in yellow

- You can change the points assigned to a question on the quiz editor, else will have 1 point assigned by default

- You can change the question points for any ungraded question (except poll-type questions) from the quiz editor. You can change the points assigned to a question on the quiz editor

- Questions that are manually marked 0 points will be ungraded and will not affect the accuracy of students' performance

- You can change the grade points for question(s) on the reports tab. 

- In case you had enabled Redemption Quiz for your activity, ensure that the 'Show report with redemption questions' option is enabled on your quiz report, so you can grade questions manually.  

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