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Analyze and assess your students' grasp and understanding of a concept or subject using the Show Your Work option within the Open-Ended and Fill-in-the-blank question types. With the ‘Show Your Work’ tool, you get actionable insights into students' comprehension of a topic.

Use the Show Your Work tool to expand instruction across various areas like math problems, scientific diagrams, text annotations, or even creative writing. Using ‘Upload Your Work’, seamlessly enable visual and long-form explanations to questions in any subject area.

Show Your Work is available on the Quizizz Individual (Super), and Quizizz School and District Plans.

To enable Show Your Work for your quiz, follow these steps:

Prerequisite: Create a quiz or bulk import quizzes from the Quizizz library

  1. Click on Create and select 'Create New Quiz' 
  2. Name your quiz and add a maximum of 3 tags
  3. Click on the Open-Ended question or the Fill-in-the-blank question type

  4. Type the question in the quiz editor
  5. Ensure to turn on the 'Show your work' toggle


  6. Save the quiz and either host it as live or assign it as homework
  7. Once your students participate in this quiz, they can show their work by uploading images 
  8. You can check for your student's work in the participant attempts under the reports tab



  • Your students can upload an image/multiple images of up to 5MB
  • Supported image formats are PNG, JPEG, and GIF.

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