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Get meaningful insights into your students' performances over time and over multiple assignments via Quizizz. Student-level reports are especially beneficial to uncovering insights on performance over time, via each formative assessment. This would allow you to plan your lessons and instructions going forward and give an actionable understanding of how every student is performing in your class.

Student Reports for Quizizz Classes are supported by all plans. Student Reports for Google Classroom, Schoology, and Canvas Classes are supported by the Quizizz School and District Plan. 

To check for Longitudinal Growth Graphs on Quizizz, follow these steps: 


- You can check for growth graphs on completed assignments when connected to either Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, or Quizizz Classes. 

  1. Click on the 'Classes' tab on the left navigation pane


  2. If you've linked Quizizz to classes (via Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas or Quizizz Classes), you'd be able to check for class-level and student-level reports. Click on the correct class for more details

  3.  Under 'Overview', you will see the class-level performance in the Accuracy and Time graph.
    1. If you hover over each point, you'd see the name of the quiz with the exact results (accuracy and the number of participants) mentioned on the right. You can click on each point to get more details about the quiz in a separate tab.
    2. Check for a more detailed description under this graph -- you also have the option to reopen a quiz if required.
    3. In case you decide to reopen a quiz for remedial practice, new reports are generated automatically and the growth graphs are updated when the assignment ends. 


  4. Under 'Student Reports', you will see individual student names, quizzes assigned, quiz completion rate, average accuracy, and the option to view the full report per student per quiz. 


  5. Under 'Parent Reports' you will see individual student names, their parents/guardian email addresses, and you have the option to share a quiz report with a student's parent/guardian via email. You cannot share growth graphs with parents. 



In case you had enabled Redemption Quiz for your activity, the Longitudinal Growth Graphs will reflect the updated scores obtained from the redemption questions. 

You can access the automatically generated growth graphs of all quizzes (Live and Homework) played after August 2021. Growth graphs cannot be generated for quizzes prior to August 2021.  

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