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The State Standards tool on Quizizz enables you to align all your content on Quizizz with the curriculum stipulated by the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). By selecting State Standards on Quizizz, you will be able to create, customize and share activities that are CCSS and TEKS aligned. You can tag every quiz question to a state standard and get better reports on each student's performance per the same standard and better determine their mastery in subjects and concepts.

State Standards are available on the Quizizz School and District Plan. 

To enable tagging State Standards on Quizizz, follow these steps: 


  1. Click on 'Create' and click on 'Quiz' from the left navigation pane 
  2. Name the quiz and add relevant subject tags appropriately (a maximum of 3 tags are allowed)


  3. On the quiz editor, click on 'Tag'
  4. Pick a curriculum to tag your question
    At the moment, the CCSS and TEKS curriculums are supported on Quizizz.


  5. Click on Save
  6. Add standards from CCSS or TEKS from selecting a subject from the dropdown
    English Language Arts (ELA), English Language Arts - HSST, and Mathematics are supported on Quizizz.
  7. Choose the correct grade (K-12)
  8. Choose the correct standard for your question within the quiz
    All standards have an explanation in the description to help match the exact standard to the assessment question



  9. You can also tag multiple standards per question
  10. Click on save
  11. Repeat the same for every question within the quiz 
    You can also have a consistent tag for all the quiz questions.
  12. When you are importing questions from the Quizizz library, click on 'Add Tags'


  13. Save the quiz once it is ready
    Either assign it as a Live, Instructor-paced quiz or assign as Homework
  14. Once your students attempt the quiz, access the results from 'Reports' 
  15. Here you will see individual student's reports and overall class report per every state standard. You can print, download and delete the report if required.


  16. You can share this report with other teachers too
    However, you cannot share a state standard-based report with parents.

You can also create and customize standards if required. 

State Standards-based reporting is not supported for the Quizizz Super Subscription. If you want to upgrade your current plan to the Quizizz School and District plan, contact the Quizizz team.  

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