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You can import Google Slides presentations from your Google Drive into Quizizz lessons with a single click. 

Importing Google Slides to Lessons is available on the Quizizz Basic, Super, and School and District Plans.

To import a Google Slides presentation into a Quizizz lesson, follow these steps:

  1. Click on 'Create' on the left navigation pane. Select 'New Lesson'
  2. Name the lesson and tag it (a maximum of 3 tags are allowed per lesson). Click on 'Next'
  3. Select a template of your choice and click on 'Next'
  4. Click on 'Import' on the left bottom pane


  5. Click on 'Google Drive'. Choose the correct account to sync with Quizizz
  6. Select what Quizizz can access and choose as per your requirement (this is a one-time requirement)

  7. Click on 'Continue' to sync Quizizz with Google Slides
  8. Your Google account and Quizizz are now synced. You can select your presentations to import them to a Quizizz lesson


You cannot edit imported Google Slides on Quizizz.

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