Live Whiteboard for Instructor-paced Lessons and Quizzes (for Students)

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The Live Whiteboard (previously known as the Scribble tool) is now enhanced to help you increase your engagement and interaction in class. Your teacher can monitor your annotations in real-time and can pull up your activity on a Live Whiteboard to enhance their teaching.

To use the Live Whiteboard for an Instructor paced lesson and quiz, as a student, follow these steps:

Get a link with a code to access an Instructor-paced lesson or quiz.

  1. Your teacher will enable the Live Whiteboard to annotate on their screen 
  2. When they toggle the 'Allow participants to draw' to ON, you can annotate on your device
  3. Record your answers, display your engagement so that your teacher knows that you are engaged in their class
  4. You have access to a pen, a highlighter, a color wheel, and an eraser
    • You can undo, redo and delete your annotations in real-time
  5. Your teacher can see all your annotation activity on their screen in real-time
  6. You can annotate on your screen until the Live Whiteboard is disabled by your teacher

You do NOT have the option to turn on the Live Whiteboard option on your own in an instructor-paced lesson and quiz. However, if you are hosting an instructor-paced lesson or quiz on your own with your friends, you can enable the Live Whiteboard for yourself and your friends.

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