Use Live Whiteboard for Instructor-Paced Lessons and Quizzes

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The Live Whiteboard on Quizizz enables you to elaborate and highlight elements to further student engagement and interaction.

The Live Whiteboard (previously known as Scribble tool) is now enhanced to help your students understand better by enabling it on an ad-hoc basis, on Instructor paced lessons and quizzes. You have the ability to check for student understanding, engagement, and interaction and modify your instructions based on real-time insights into student activity. You can also pull up every student's activities on a Live Whiteboard to showcase an example to your class to enhance learning.

To enable the Live Whiteboard for an Instructor paced lesson and quiz, as a teacher, follow these steps:


Create or Search a Lesson or an Instructor-paced Lesson or Quiz. 

  1. Click on 'Start a Live Lesson' or 'Instructor-paced Quiz'

  2. Share the link with the code with your students (share via link or your preferred LMS or social media)


  3. Once students access the link to enter the Quizizz lesson, click on 'Start'
  4. Click on the green board on the bottom navigation pane; this is the Live Whiteboard


  5. The green screen is indicative of the Live Whiteboard enabled on your screen as well your students' screens
  6. Draw on your screen and your students will see your annotations in real-time too


  7. Click on 'allow participants to draw' to encourage your students to participate in the lesson and quiz in real-time. Once this is turned ON, you will be able to check your students' annotations too. Change your background if required (choose between white, original background, or upload an image from your device)

  8. Using the Live Whiteboard, you can
    • Use a pen, a highlighter, a color wheel, and an eraser. 
    • Undo and redo your annotations
    • Delete your annotations too if required


  9. View up to 50 student annotations using the toggle. 
  10. Click on 'End' to stop the Live Whiteboard annotations to go back to your live lesson or instructor paced quiz


  • You need to start and end the Live Whiteboard for every slide.
  • You can enable a Live Whiteboard multiple times within an instructor-paced lesson and quiz.
  • You cannot activate the Live Whiteboard for Homework lessons and quiz assignments.


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