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The updated My Library tab contains all the quizzes, lessons, and collections you have created, imported, shared or used with your account. Using this updated information, you can share access to your quizzes, lessons, and collections to collaborate better with your fellow Quizizz collaborators and teachers.

The updated My Library contains:

  1. All My Content: All the quizzes and lessons you have created, imported, shared, and used are contained in this tab

  2. Created by me: This tab contains the quizzes and lessons created with your Quizizz account Imported or edited content are not available under this tab

  3. Previously used: This tab contains all the quizzes and lessons you would have used with your Quizizz account. This also contains all the content you have accessed from the Quizizz library

  4. Liked by me: If you have liked publicly available quizzes and lessons to add to your collections, they will be stored under this tab

  5. Shared with me: If fellow Quizizz collaborators and teachers have shared quizzes and lessons with you, those content will be stored under this tab

  6. Drafts: All the quizzes and lessons that are work-in-progress (either as a Live or HW quiz/lesson or as content that needs to be shared) are stored under this tab

  7. New Collection: All the collections of quizzes and lessons that are created using your Quizizz account is stored under this tab


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