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Grade homework quizzes on Quizizz via Canvas. All students of a school and district will be able to access teaching and graded materials when Quizizz is integrated with Canvas. 

To Grade a Quiz via Canvas, follow these steps:

Prerequisite: Integrate your Canvas account with Quizizz. Click here to know more.

  1. Find the quiz you want to host from your account and click the "Live Game" or "Assign HW" button
  2. Assign the Quiz to the correct class and section as marked on Canvas. You can also click on the 'Pick specific students' option to assign the quiz to selected students
  3. Once you have selected the class, click the 'Assign game' button to host the quiz and send the notification to join the quiz to the students in the class
  4. You can also assign custom grades to a class per quiz
  5. Once students attempt the quiz, their grades are automatically synced to Canvas. You do not have to grade them again

    Note: You can Custom-grade your quizzes and the grades will be auto-synced to Canvas. You can either score manually or add specific grades of your choice.

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