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These are the different types of questions available on the New Quiz Editor --

Drag and Drop, Drop Down, Match, Reorder, Audio, and Video response question types are available on the Quizizz Super, and Quizizz School and District Plans. 



  1. Multiple choiceQuestions with two or more (up to five) answer options; only one option is the correct answer. A student can only select one answer option when playing the quiz. 
    - You can toggle with the 'More than one answer' if the question has two correct answers.

  2. Fill in the Blanks: Students must manually enter the answer in the space provided. The character limit for a fill-in-the-blanks question is 160
    - Choose if the answer can contain exact words, contains, and exact numbers to reward points based on the answer provided.
    Students can also show their work in assessments that require work that needs to be submitted for evaluation


  3. Match: Encourage your students to match concepts and topics they've learned in class with this question type. You can also add answer explanations to explain the matching better to enable higher-order thinking. Your students will see the options shuffled and they'll have to drag and drop the answers to match the correct answers. 

  4. Reorder: With this question type, assess students on higher-order thinking questions and gauge their understanding. Engage your students with fun questions that get them to think more critically about a problem or question. Your students will see these options as shuffled and they'll be able to submit their answers in ascending or descending order per your requirement. 


  5. Open-ended: These are long answer questions. The character limit for open-ended is 1000. A message shows up when the answer reaches 800 characters. Students can also show their work in assessments that require work that needs to be submitted for evaluation

    Note: Open-ended questions are not graded.

  6. Poll: These are no correct answer questions. You can choose whether to allow students to select only one or multiple options.

  7. Slide: You can export a quiz or a question into a lesson. The quiz that contains the remaining questions will be saved under 'My Library'.Screenshot_2021-11-18_at_5.09.41_PM.png

  8. Draw: Enable your students to draw, identify and point out using the draw question. Students have the options to choose between a highlighter, a pen, a color wheel, and an eraser. They also have the undo and redo options. Every answer attempted on a draw question will not be graded. You have the option to try it out too. However, you can manually grade the answers submitted for this question type.  Screenshot_2021-11-18_at_5.17.29_PM.png

  9. Drag and Drop: Encourage your students to practice higher-order thinking, by creating the Drag and Drop, and Drop Down question types on Quizizz. Create a question, add the answer and select the answer that needs to be dragged and dropped into the blank on the students' view. You can also add up to 10 incorrect answers as options. When students see this question on their quiz, they will be able to drag and drop the correct answer into the blank. You can also have multiple blanks (up to 10) within the same question. You can also grade each blank answer accordingly. To know more about Flexible Grading, check this articleScreenshot_2022-11-18_at_10.51.28_AM.png

    Students' view of Drag and Drop, and Drop Down: 

  10. Audio and Video: Enable your students to record either audio or video as part of their answer in a live or homework quiz. You can set their response time limit from 5 seconds to 120 mins. When students see this question, they will get a window that enables them to turn on and submit their audio/video responses. Students have the option to play and re-record (retake) their responses multiple times to improve their submissions. You can access their responses on the reports, however, you cannot download them. You can manually grade the answers submitted for this question type. 

    Teacher View:

    Students' View:

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