Grading Quizzes Using Timer

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This feature is supported on the Quizizz Super, and Quizizz School and District Plans

The Timer awards points on the basis of accuracy and speed. The default timer is enabled

  1. Default Timer: 600 points for answering a question correctly. 0-400 points for how quickly they answer. Wrong answers are marked zero, regardless of time taken to answer
  2. Test Timer: A question is “timed out” if students exceed the time limit in answering the question. Timed out questions are marked zero, regardless of right or wrong answers
  3. Timer Off: You can disable the Timer - a student is awarded 600 points for the right answer and 0 for wrong answer, regardless of speed.

Timer Format

Points breakup

Quizizz Super +

School and District Plans

Default Timer

  1. Right answer = 600 points
  2. Within time limit = 0-400
  3. Wrong answer = 0

Test Timer

  1. Right answer = 600
  2. Wrong and exceeding time limit = 0

Timer Off

  1. Disabled

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