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You can access millions of publicly available quizzes and lessons created every day by the teacher community. To find other activities on Quizizz, follow these steps: 

  1. Click on the ‘Search for quizzes on any topic’ dialog box on the main page
  2. Enter a topic of your choice 
  3. The activities displayed under 'Top' will display the most relevant content for your search. Toggle between the 'Quizzes' and 'Lessons' tabs to find your preferred type of activity 


  4. You can filter the search results via grade, subject, language, and number of questions
  5. You can also sort the results by most relevant, most recent, and most played 
  6. Hover over the activities on the left pane to preview their content. 
  7. To view your hosting options, click on the Play button at the top-right corner. You can choose between
    1. Starting a live quiz 
    2. Assigning the quiz as homework with a future deadline or
    3. Previewing the quiz from a student's view 


You can also save questions or slides and use them to create a quiz or lesson on the spot. Here's how you can quickly teleport content from the search results. 

  1. Hover on an activity to preview its content
  2. Click on 'Add question' or 'Add slide'.  These questions and slides will appear in the 'quick teleport' bar at the bottom of your screen 
  3. You can also click on 'Add all content' to save all of the content from an activity 
  4. Add content from multiple quizzes and lessons. You can also search for new topics and add more questions and slides 


  5. Click on 'Preview' on the 'quick teleport' bar to view all of your saved content
  6. Delete any of the questions you no longer wish to keep
  7. Click on 'Open in editor' to access your full range of editing options


  8. Click on 'Save quiz' or 'Save lesson' to save your activity. This activity can now be found in 'My Library'

Note: The 'quick teleport' bar will save all of your added questions and slides for as long as you do not close or refresh your window in the browser.


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