Bulk Roster Teachers with Google Classroom

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You can now import your teachers from multiple schools within your district using Google Classroom. This is particularly useful to import teachers' details with one click. 

This is applicable to the Quizizz School and District Plan. This article is mainly meant for district administrators of a district with multiple schools.

To bulk roster teachers' details using Google Classroom, follow these steps:

Prerequisite: Have an active Quizizz School and District Account 

  1. Click on Manage members on the left navigation pane
  2. Click on Bulk Import button on the right
  3.  Click on Connect with Google Classroom 
  4. Choose the correct Google account associated with Quizizz
  5. Allow Quizizz to access details from your Google account. This is a one time requirement
  6. Quizizz and Google are now in the process of syncing. You will receive an email notification when the sync is complete

Note: You do not have to be on the sync window until the sync is complete. Click on 'Continue to Dashboard' to move from this window.




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