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At Quizizz, we spend lots of time thinking about how to save time for teachers, students, and school administrators. That doesn’t change when it comes to rostering and onboarding users on our School and District plans.

As a reminder, students can engage on Quizizz without signing in or creating an account but here’s a quick overview of how we keep accounts synced when you do want to roster your school community.

To keep things simple and in sync, we connect with tools that you've already integrated with your SIS.

Here’s a quick overview of how that works:


  1. When we onboard your school or district. Our team helps your administrators integrate Quizizz with your LMS. This can be done in just a few minutes and, depending on your LMS, can be as simple as signing into your LMS from a link on Quizizz.
  2. Once the LMS is integrated, all teachers on the upgraded plan can start assigning Quizizz activities to the relevant students and classes on that LMS.
  3. When a student clicks on the Quizizz assignment within their LMS, they’ll automatically be signed into their Quizizz account without setting up a separate password or credentials.
  4. When students complete their activity, their Quizizz results can be instantly synced back to the LMS and integrated tools like your grade book.
  5. Rostering updates on your SIS and LMS will also be reflected on Quizizz.

What LMS integrations do you support?

Right now, we integrate with Canvas, Schoology, and Google Classroom with more options in development.

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What if we don’t use a supported LMS?

If we don’t currently support your LMS, please let us know. We offer alternative rostering options as a backup and can talk through those options with you.

🚀 Introducing: Rostering with Clever and ClassLink! 

Quizizz now offers rostering via Clever and ClassLink for School and district partners. If you would like to request access to this feature, please complete this form.

How do students log in?

In the scenario outlined above, Quizizz accounts are created and authenticated using the LMS integration, creating a Single Sign-On (SSO) experience. 

Your school community may also authenticate using additional SSO options including Clever, ClassLink, Google, and Microsoft.

Are there differences between rostering at a school vs. a district?

Users of both School and District plans benefit from our LMS & Rostering integrations. On a districtwide plan, your entire school community will be integrated and rostered at once. 

On a school or multi-site plan that doesn’t cover the entire district, our onboarding team will work with your administrators to ensure that the right faculty accounts have been upgraded so that they can use these integrations.

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