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Here’s everything to know about How to Use Lessons on Quizizz: 

Creating a Lesson 

Click the purple “Create” button on your Admin Page to create a lesson. Enter the name and tag of your quiz to move onto the editor page. ezgif-2-15c188211739.gif


Using the dock and toolbar to insert and edit 

Click on the textbox and highlight desired text to format it. The toolbar on the top will become visible when text is selected. Use the variety of formatting options to set up your text. 



To insert another textbox, an image, a video, audio or an equation click the relevant option on the dock, as shown in the video below. 



Adding a slide or a question 

Click the “Add New Slide” button to see the various slide types and question types. If you do not want to start from scratch, you can teleport questions and slides from other quizzes and Lessons that exist in the Quizizz library using the teleport search bar. An existing Google Slide, Powerpoint or PDF can also be imported using the cloud shaped “Import” button in this modal. 



Using the question editor

The question editor on Lessons allows easy formatting while creating a question. Click on the question box to write your question. Click on the answer boxes themselves to insert answers. The circle with a checkmark on the top right should be marked with a click to denote a correct answer. Toggle the “Allow Multiple Answers” in the bottom left to select multiple correct answers if required. 



To change the question type, you can do so by clicking the drop-down box. The question will be carried onto the other question types


Changing the background and theme 

Using the themes button on the top right of your screen, you get many formatting options. You can change background and text color or insert a background image. You can also use one of our fun animated themes - Check them out!



Settings and controls

You can choose the settings for your Lesson before presenting. Go through the available setting and toggle on the ones that are relevant for your session. 



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