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The Adaptive Question Bank is a feature that you can enable when you host or assign a quiz. With this feature enabled, your students will see a fresh combination of questions from your quiz each time they attempt the activity. 

How Do Adaptive Question Banks Work? 

Let's consider this scenario: You have a quiz with 10 questions, and there are three students who will be playing it -- Jon, Kathy, and Mike.

You want your students to be able to reattempt the quiz as many times as you'd like. And, you have the following objectives for this quiz:

  • Each time Jon attempts the quiz, he must see a combination of questions different from the one shown to Kathy or Mike. 
  • Each time the students reattempt the quiz, they must see a combination of questions different from the ones they saw during their previous attempts.

This is where the Adaptive Question Bank feature comes in -- it generates unique question sets from your quiz.

When you enable this feature, you can choose how many questions you want your students to answer per quiz attempt. 

Let's assume you want Jon, Kathy, and Mike to answer 3 questions each time they attempt the quiz. And, you want them to be able to attempt the quiz a total of three times each. Here's what their experience might look like. 

Student Name Questions seen in Attempt #1 Questions seen in Attempt #2 Questions seen in Attempt #3
Jon  Q8, Q3, Q6 Q3, Q2, Q7 Q10, Q1, Q5 


Q4, Q10, Q7 Q3, Q6, Q10  Q8, Q10, Q7
Mike Q4, Q3, Q7 Q6, Q2, Q5 Q3, Q2, Q1 

As shown in the table above, each of Jon's attempts consists of a unique combination of questions. Additionally, these combinations are distinct from the ones Kathy or Mike answered in their attempts. 

In each reattempt, students might see any combination of previously unanswered questions, incorrectly answered questions, and correctly answered questions. This allows for practice through spaced repetition while discouraging students from copying each others' answers. 

Note that Adaptive Question Banks work best when your quiz contains a large number of questions. This prevents the experience from feeling repetitive for students. For instance, a quiz containing 50+ questions with 10+ questions shown in each attempt would be ideal.  

Enabling Adaptive Question Banks

The Adaptive Question Bank feature is available on the Quizizz Individual (Super) and School & District Plans.

Here’s how you can enable adaptive learning on your quiz:

  1. Start by choosing the quiz that you want to host. You can either create the quiz yourself, or search for one from the Quizizz library. You can also use the ‘Teleport’ feature to combine multiple quizzes. 
  2. Now choose the mode you would like to use. Adaptive Question Banks can be enabled in Homework quizzes and in the Classic and Test modes for live quizzes.


  3. Once you’ve selected the mode, scroll down to the 'Mastery and Learning' section under ‘Advanced Settings’ to toggle it on. You can choose the number of questions you want to include in each attempt. 


  4. Review the remaining settings, and click on 'Continue' (for live quizzes) or 'Assign' (for homework quizzes) 

Your students can now join the quiz and participate in a personalized learning experience with each attempt. 


You can set the number of participant attempts according to your requirements. You can allow your students to attempt the quiz once, twice, thrice, or an unlimited number of times. 

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