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As learning evolves, so do its tools. We’re proud to bring you the latest offering in our commitment to meaningful learning — Adaptive Question Banks

Adaptive Question Banks is available on the Quizizz Super, and School and District Plans.

When toggled on, every student attempting the quiz is shown a different set of questions, which changes with each additional attempt. Every attempt, after the first one, showcases unseen questions and ones that students previously got incorrect. As a result, each attempt leads to a unique set of questions and a more meaningful and personalized learning experience for every student. 

This feature is most effective with larger quizzes as more variety ensures students are exposed to a unique set of questions in each attempt.

Here’s how you can enable adaptive learning on your quiz:

  1. Start by choosing the quiz that you want to host. You can either create the quiz yourself, or search for one from the Quizizz library. You can also use the ‘Teleport’ feature to combine multiple quizzes. When using the Adaptive Question Bank setting, larger quizzes (50+ questions) work best. Screenshot_2020-12-22_at_11.35.38_AM.png
  2. Now choose the mode you would like to use. Once you’ve selected the mode, scroll down to the Adaptive Learning section under ‘Settings’ to toggle it on. You can choose the number of questions you want to include in each attempt. 10 is a good default if you are assigning for independent practice, but you can set it to any number based on your requirements.


To understand the feature better, let’s take an example. For instance, let’s assume that 5 students are going to attempt a quiz with 100 questions. With the Adaptive Question Bank setting, every attempt made by a student gives them a different set of questions from the quiz. Each attempt includes a combination of previously unseen questions and questions they got incorrect in their previous attempts.

This ensures that every attempt made by a student creates a set of questions so unique to them, that each reattempt is more meaningful. It also discourages students from copying from one another.


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