How does Quizizz protect student data?

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Engaging every student starts with trust. We use technical, operational, and logical security measures to keep student data safe. Here are a few examples:

  • Privacy-centered design means that students can use Quizizz without creating accounts or sharing PII unless required to use a specific feature such as saving progress to a profile. Student accounts and all relevant personal data may also be deleted at any time.

  • To keep your personal data secure, all data is encrypted in transit, and we maintain up-to-date certificates with a verified third-party provider—DigiCert.

  • All passwords are protected using the password-hashing function bcrypt.

  • Data is stored in access-controlled data centers with 24/7 monitoring by AWS, an industry-leading provider.

  • Data is stored redundantly and is geographically distributed in order to maximize uptime and allow our team to restore access to your data in the event of an incident.

  • Employee access to personally identifiable information is provided on an as-needed basis, to provide customer support for example.

  • Employees with access to personal data are required to undergo background checks, sign a nondisclosure agreement, and are prohibited from saving personal data locally on their devices.

  • Routine monitoring and alerts are used to detect and respond to potential security breaches.

  • Quizizz complies with, and helps LEAs meet their obligations under, FERPA, COPPA, the EU - U.S. Privacy Shield Framework, GDPR, and regional privacy agreements.

    To read our complete privacy policy, please click here.

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