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There are different types of Settings available for every lesson. These settings are enabled by default and you can enable or disable them before you host a live lesson or assign it as homework. 

Click on the Advanced Settings button for these settings: 

  1. Available on Live and Homework (Assign) modes
    By enabling this setting, you can set the date and time you want the Lesson to begin. You can schedule an activity up to 30 days in advance.

  2. Available on Live mode
    If this setting is toggled on, students will be able to view the slides on their own devices, just like their teacher. When the setting is toggled off, students will not be able to see the slides and will be directed to view the teacher's screen, possibly via a projector.

  3. Available on Live and Homework (Assign) modes
    The Quizizz Name Factory generates creative names for your students to use when they join a quiz. It was designed to avoid wasted class time while also keeping things light and fun. To learn more, refer to our article on the Name Factory.

  4. Available on Live and Homework (Assign) modes
    The Question Timer awards points to students on the basis of accuracy and speed.

    Default Timer: This option displays a visible countdown timer, but answers can be submitted even after the timer runs out. A score of 600 is awarded for answering a question correctly. An additional score of 0-400 is awarded based on how quickly students answer. Wrong answers are marked zero, regardless of the time taken to answer.
    Test Timer (available for the Quizizz Individual (Super) plan): This option displays a visible countdown timer, and answers cannot be submitted after the timer runs out. A question is 'timed out' if students exceed the time limit in answering a question. Timed-out questions are marked zero. A score of 600 is awarded for correct answers.
    Timer Off: This option disables the timer. A student is awarded a score of 600 for the right answer and 0 for the wrong answer, regardless of their speed.

    Note: Incorrect answers and 'timed out' questions always get 0 points.

  5. Available on Live and Homework (Assign) modes
    With this setting enabled, the answer options will be shuffled for each question. That is, each student will see a different order of answer options on their screen for a given question.

    Turn this off if you want the answers to appear in the original order for everyone.

  6. Available on Homework (Assign) mode
    With this setting enabled, students will see a leaderboard after each question, and see their rank during and after the quiz.
    Disable this setting if you don't want students to see each others' scores/rank, or are not keen on making the quiz competitive.

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