Accepting a Class Invite (Google Classroom Users)

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If your teacher has assigned a game via classes on Quizizz, you would need to access the class invitation link first before playing a game. 

For accepting an invite via Google classroom, follow these steps:

Once your teacher imports classes from Google classroom, invite links are sent out to the classes on Google classroom automatically. You can access the invite link from Streams tab on your Google classroom view.


Click on the invite link from Google classroom, and login to your Quizizz account using the registered email address. You will receive a pop up as shown below. 



Enter the parent email address (optional) followed by 'Accept invite' to become a part of the class on Quizizz. 

Once you are in, you can start playing the games assigned by your teacher. 


Note: Class invite links can be accepted by student accounts only. Co-teachers will not be able to access the link. 







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