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You’ve always used Quizizz for summative assessments, engaging knowledge checks, and independent learning. However, you can also teach and facilitate classes on Quizizz using Lessons. Lessons offer two main settings, much like a quiz: Live (or instructor-led) and Homework (asynchronous learning). 

Instructor-led Lessons (Live)

Instructor-led sessions allow you to control the pace of your Lesson. With this, you can decide whether or not to mirror the content displayed on the presenter’s device onto student devices. This setting also ensures that all slides and questions appear on student devices at the same time, you can control whether to pause, move between slides, or stay on the same slide. 

To start a live session, click on the 'Start a live lesson' button. 

How students can join a live Lesson

Once you start a Live Lesson, students can join using their apps or on and enter the code you share. 

Using Power Tools

Within your Lesson, you can use power tools like Spin the Wheel, Live Whiteboard, and Raise Hand.

  • The Spin the Wheel tool allows you to pick a student from the class, whether for volunteering purposes or a cold call. 

  • The Live Whiteboard tool allows you to annotate your slides in real time during a Lesson. Underline, highlight, draw, work out a math problem, and more using this tool.

  • The Raise Hand tool allows students to signal to you for assistance, and you receive notifications to address these queries.

Homework Lessons (Asynchronous) 

Students can also use Lessons asynchronously when assigned as homework. They will go through the Lesson on their own time, work through materials, and answer questions to test their knowledge.

To assign a Lesson as homework, click on the 'Assign homework' button.

Questions on Lessons

Questions can be added to your Lesson for a knowledge check. They work great Live and Asynchronously (as homework). There are 15+ question types, much like those for a quiz on Quizizz. To add a question, click the “Add New Slide” button to see the various question types.

You can find out more about Lessons, here. 

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