I have an incorrect question in my game, how can I fix the mistake?

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You can always edit a quiz to fix any mistakes that might be in them as long as it is assigned as homework. Live quizzes cannot be edited.  

To edit a running homework game, follow these steps: 

- A homework game needs to be assigned and should be running. 

  1. Click on ‘My Reports’ on the left navigation pane
  2. Click on the correct running assignment to edit. Click on ‘Edit Assignment’ 
  3. You can see all the questions that can be edited and reviewed. 
  4. You can do the following:
    1. edit the question and answers
    2. replace the entire question
    3. edit either question or answer
  5. Once a question is edited, it will be marked as ‘this question is edited’ 
  6. Here is how editing a running game will affect grading:
    1. If a student completed the game before the edit, they will be awarded full marks for attempting the unedited question(s)
    2. If a student attempted the question but has not completed the game, then they will have to attempt the question again
    3. If students have not attempted the edited questions, they will attempt the edited questions only. They will not be able to view the original question or answers 


- You can edit the questions and answers multiple times within the assignment’s deadline. Once the assignment’s deadline is passed, you will not be able to edit the questions and/or answers

-  If you have assigned a quiz by either teleporting a question or an entire quiz, then the edited questions are specific to your individual use. The original set of questions available in the Quizizz library is not affected by your edits. 


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