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When you assign a quiz asynchronously (as homework), students can complete the quiz at their time and convenience. As a teacher, you will recieve updates on your reports when each of your students completes the assignment which can be shared with a parent/guardian to monitor progress.

To assign a Quiz as homework, follow these steps:

🚀 You could create a quiz, or
🚀 You could access publicly available quizzes using the Search dialog box on your Explore page, or
You could combine your set of questions with the publicly available questions from other quizzes

  1. Click on the quiz that you want to assign as homework

  2. From the Quiz page, click on the 'Assign' button

  3. Now, set up your quiz. You can:
    1. Set a start time for the quiz
    2. Select how many times a student can attempt the activity
      • Students will be required to log into their Quizizz account to limit their attempts
    3. Set a deadline
      1. You can also choose 'No Deadline' by toggling the option for 'Go with No Deadline instead?'

    4. You can assign the quiz to a class by clicking on 'Select a class'
      1. Select the classes to which you would like to assign the quiz
      2. You can also click on the 'Pick specific students' option to assign the quiz to selected students
      3. Once you have selected the classes and/or students, click on 'Next'
      4. You can choose to give your assignment a title and description
      5. Click on 'Save'
      6. Click on 'Okay, got it' 

    5. If you assign the quiz to a class, you can enable Accommodation Profiles for your students
      1. Click on the 'Add options' button placed next to
      2. Select your class and click on the 'Add accommodations' button
      3. Follow this step-by-step guide on Accommodation Profiles
      4. Click on 'Done' from the top-right corner of your screen

    6. You can go ahead and assign your quiz at this point. However, you can also customize Mastery and Learning settings. Here, you can:
      1. Activate Mastery Mode, which allows students to reattempt incorrect answers till they reach the set goal, or
      2. Activate Redemption Questions, which allows students to reattempt a few incorrect questions, or
      3. Activate Redemption Quiz, which allows students to answer all incorrect questions at the end to improve accuracy, or
      4. Enable Adaptive Question Bank Mode, which creates distinct sets of questions for every quiz attempt

    7. You can also customize Question & Answer settings. Here, you can:
      1. Enable the option to show students the correct answers after each question
      2. Allow students to view correct answers after the quiz is submitted
      3. Shuffle the order of questions and answer options
      4. Activate the Question timer, where students will see a countdown and get extra points for each question
      5. Enable the 'Skip Questions & Attempt Later' option to allow students to revisit skipped questions after they've attempted all the other questions

    8. Additionally, you can customize Gamification settings. Here, you can:
      1. Enable Name Factory, which gives students fun Quizizz-generated names
      2. Give students bonus points and fun abilities by enabling Power-Ups
      3. Enable the 'Show Leaderboard' option, and students will see a leaderboard after each question
      4. Activate the 'Play Music' setting to enable Quizizz music to be played on students' devices
      5. Activate the 'Show Memes' option and students will see funny images (called memes) after each question

    9. Once you are done customizing all your desired quiz settings, click on the 'Assign' button

Now, you can share the quiz link or the join code with your students, and they can participate in the quiz as homework!

Once your students have completed the quiz, you can use the 'Share report' option to share reports with either parent/guardian or other teachers

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