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When you assign a quiz asynchronously (as homework), students can complete the quiz at their time and convenience. As a teacher, you will get updates on your reports when each of your students completes the assignment which can be shared with a parent/guardian to monitor progress.

To assign a Quiz as homework, follow these steps:

You could access the publicly available quizzes from the Search dialog box OR You could create a quiz  OR You could combine your set of questions with the publicly available questions from other quizzes 

  1. Click on the quiz that is assigned as homework. Click on ‘My library’ to get the list of quizzes you have created
  2. Once you have the quiz ready, click on the Assign homework option

  3. Add the quiz’s deadline/completion date. Customize the deadline or choose the No deadline option; all quizzes are deactivated after 6 months (180 days)

  4. Obtain the quiz access code and share it with students OR Assign this quiz to the correct class.
    1. While assigning a quiz to a class, you can also click on the 'Pick specific students' option to assign the quiz to selected students. Note that you cannot assign a quiz to an empty class

  5. Name the assignment for your students

  6. Describe the assignment for your students (description does not have a character limit

  7. Add the time at which the quiz should start. Choose between Now and a particular time

  8. Check the Advanced, General, and Activity Settings for more customization options

  9. Assign the quiz. Once your students have completed the quiz, click the Share report option to share reports with either parent/guardian or other teachers

  10. Share the report via their email addresses or generate a link that can be shared


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