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The Challenge Friends feature on Quizizz lets students host and play quizzes with their friends. All they need to do is find a quiz on Quizizz and click on the 'Challenge Friends' button. Alternatively, they can also create their own quiz.


Once a student enters their name, they get a game code that can be sent to others in order to join the game. 

Hit the start button once everyone has joined the game and rev your engines for the nail-biting race to the finish line!


The biggest differentiator between a teacher-hosted quiz and a student-hosted challenge is that the student hosting the quiz gets to play it too. Once the game begins, the experience is similar to a classic Quizizz game played in the classroom. 

Students get to see a live dashboard with their score and rank in the game as they wait for other players to complete the game. The player with the highest score is revealed at the end of each game. 


Students also get quiz recommendations after completing their game and clicking on a new quiz sends an automatic invite to all existing players in the game.




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