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Enable students to improve their accuracy via Redemption Quiz and Redemption Questions. These modes are designed to allow students to re-attempt questions which were previously marked as incorrect. They also follow the same scoring format (600 points or the manual score predetermined per question). 

  1. Redemption questions are available for homework quizzes and for the Classic and Team modes in live quizzes. 

    With this option enabled, a quiz will include at least 1 incorrectly answered question which will appear at the end. The number of Redemption Questions usually depends on the length of a quiz. A quiz that has more than 15 questions would have multiple redemption questions either at the end or in the middle of a quiz. 

    By default, Redemption Questions are enabled when you host a live quiz. You can disable them from the Mastery and Learning settings list. 


  2. Redemption Quiz is available for asynchronous learning and can be enabled for homework quizzes.

    With this option enabled, a homework quiz will include all the incorrectly answered questions which will appear at the end. Redemption Quiz can also be used in quizzes where Adaptive Question Bank Mode is enabled. In such cases, if a student answers a question correctly in the redemption quiz for one of their attempts, that question will not appear in their following attempts.  

    By default, Redemption Quiz is enabled when you assign a homework quiz. You can disable it from the Mastery and Learning settings list.

    However, if you have set the number of participant attempts as 1 or if you have opted to hide answers during the activity, Redemption Quiz will be automatically disabled.


    While viewing the results of your quiz, you can toggle the 'Show report with redemption questions' option to see how the redemption quiz has impacted accuracy and class performance. Ensure that this option is enabled if you would like to evaluate responses manually.


Note that on your integrated LMS, the scores that appear will include the results from the redemption questions/ quiz. Longitudinal Growth Graphs will also reflect the updated redemption quiz scores. 


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