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Power-ups are designed to increase engagement and participation from students. They are enabled by default in the Live, Team and Assigned Homework modes of quizzes and can be disabled whenever a quiz or lesson is hosted. Power-ups are not present in the Lessons and Test modes.

Power-ups are used once per quiz. Students see the power-up icon at the bottom of their screen and it is activated when they click the icon to activate this feature for a particular question. Once it is used, the power-up button disappears from the screen.

Power-ups enhance the Quizizz experience for your students.
Scores and grades are not affected by Power-ups. 


Power-Up Type

What does it do? 


Players can get 1.5x points for 20 seconds when they play at a faster speed 

Streak Booster

Players can apply this powerup to boost the streak counter by +6 points to add to their current streak


Players can send another player an extra 800 points

Double Jeopardy

Players get double points if they choose the answer correctly but lose it all if they choose the wrong answer


Players get twice the points for answering a question right


Eliminates half of the incorrect options 


Eliminates one wrong option


2 attempts are allowed for answering the same question

Time Freeze

The timer is frozen to allow players to answer 1 question

Power Play

All players in the quiz get 50% more points in 20 seconds

Streak Saver

Ensures a player’s streak against an incorrect answer


All players' screens glitch for 10 seconds (does not add to scores)



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