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Power-ups are abilities designed to increase engagement and participation in an activity. They can be used by students as well as teachers to enhance gameplay. Deploying Power-ups can help boost scores and add an element of challenge to the activity. 

Note: Power-ups impact only game scores. They do not impact accuracy points. To learn more about the difference between points and scores, refer to our article on Understanding how accuracy is measured on Quizizz

Power-ups are enabled by default in the Classic, Team, and Assigned Homework game modes. They can be disabled on the game settings page before beginning an activity. Power-ups are not available for Lessons, or on the Mastery Peak, Paper Mode, or Test game modes. 

Here are the different types of Power-ups available on Quizizz: 

Power-up Icon What it does
Supersonic  Players can get 1.5x the score for 20 seconds when they play at a faster speed 
Streak Booster

Boosts the number in the player's streak counter

Gift Players can send another player an extra score of 800
Double Jeopardy Players get double the score if they choose the correct answer but lose it all if they choose the wrong answer
Players get twice the score for answering a question correctly
50-50 Eliminates half of the incorrect answer options 
Eraser Eliminates one wrong option
Immunity A player can attempt the same question twice in case they answered it incorrectly the first time 
Time Freeze The timer is frozen to allow players to answer 1 question

Power Play

All players in the quiz get 50% more score in 20 seconds

Streak Saver

Protects a player’s streak against an incorrect answer


All players' screens glitch for 10 seconds (does not affect scores)

How students can use Power-ups 

If Power-ups have been enabled for an activity, students will get up to 3 Power-ups they can use. Each of these can only be deployed once, and it will impact only the question they are currently attempting. 

Students can see all their Power-ups lined up at the bottom of their screen in the form of icons. They can click on any one of them to activate it. Once activated, that particular Power-up will no longer be available for use. 

How teachers can use Power-ups 

Teachers too can use Power-ups to boost engagement. However, this is only available in the Classic game mode. 

If Power-ups have been enabled for a quiz in the Classic game mode, teachers will be able to see the Power-ups available to them on their live dashboard. These are the Power-ups that are currently available for teachers to use:

  1. Supersonic  
  2. Glitch  
  3. 2X  

Teachers can click on a Power-up to deploy it. This Power-up will impact all students; it is not possible to apply a Power-up to select students only. Once deployed, that particular Power-up will no longer be available for use, and a teacher will have to wait for 1.5 minutes before they can deploy the next one. 

Here's what the experience might look like for a teacher:

And here's what the experience might look like for a student: 

There are a few things to keep in mind while using Power-ups as a teacher:

  1. The Power-up will be applied on the question that your students are currently answering 
  2. In case students find themselves between two questions when you apply the Power-up, they will experience its impact in the next question that they answer 
  3. Students can still apply their own Power-ups in addition to the one deployed by you
    1. In such cases, the Power-ups combine with each other. For instance, when a teacher and student both apply 2X, it will result in 4X 
    2. All Power-up combinations have been designed such that they will not cancel each other out 
  4. If a student has already completed the quiz by the time a Power-up has been applied, their scores will not be affected 

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