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Game modes are designed to encourage healthy competition between students. As a Teacher, you can choose the mode of ‘gaming’ per quiz when you start a live quiz

To do this, select the quiz you want to host live from your Library and click on 'Start now'. 

For a quiz to appear in your Library:
🚀 You could create a quiz, or
🚀 You could access and copy publicly available quizzes using the Search dialog box on your Explore page, or
You could combine your set of questions with the publicly available questions from other quizzes

Here are the different Game Modes available for hosting a live quiz on Quizizz:

  1. Here, students progress at their own pace, and you see the leaderboard with live results. This mode is perfect for assessments as it helps students to engage deeply with the material without time constraints.

    In addition to the usual game settings, Classic Mode offers the Strike and Shield feature, a new and exciting player-vs-player gameplay experience. 

    Read more about Strike and Shield here: Boost Engagement with Player vs Player Game Mode: Strike and Shield

  2. Here, students answer questions as they make their way to the top of a mountain. This game mode combines practice through spaced repetition with gamification to create an engaging learning experience.

    Students aim to achieve an accuracy goal by reattempting incorrectly answered questions. They also get to use Power-Ups and overcome challenges at regular intervals by playing mini games.

    Learn more about Mastery Peak here: Host a Quiz in Mastery Peak Mode

  3. Instructor-Paced Mode allows you to control the pace of the quiz so that all participants advance from one question to the next together. This mode is ideal for synchronous learning environments as it ensures that all students focus simultaneously on the same content.

    This is particularly useful in subjects where guided instruction and real-time feedback are crucial, such as during a math lesson where solving steps are reviewed collectively.

  4. Test Mode is designed for formal assessments and provides a no-frills approach for serious assessment. It minimizes distractions and ensures that students focus solely on the questions, which helps in accurately measuring their understanding and performance. 

    Two advanced features in this mode are available with the School and District Plans:
    - Review & Submit
    - Focus Mode

  5. This game mode encourages healthy classroom competition. Students answer at their own pace, and scores are grouped by the collective team. 

    Teachers have the flexibility to edit teams to fit class needs.
    This mode is ideal for fostering teamwork and collaborative learning while maintaining individual accountability.

  6. Paper Mode is a live game mode that enables you to drive engagement and support every student by blending physical and digital learning. With Paper Mode, you can bring Quizizz into your classroom even if all your students do not have personal devices.


    To conduct a quiz in Paper Mode, project the quiz questions on your computer. Your students can attempt these questions by holding up personalized QR Codes. Scan these codes using the Quizizz mobile app to record their attempts.

    Learn more about Paper Mode here: Host a Quiz in Paper Mode

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