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Game modes are designed to encourage healthy competition between students. You can choose the mode of ‘gaming’ per quiz when you start a live quiz. 

To enable the different game modes, follow these steps: 

Prerequisite: You could access the publicly available quizzes from the Search dialog box to host them live OR You could create a quiz  OR You could combine your set of questions with the publicly available questions from other quizzes 

  1. There are two ways to host a live quiz on Quizizz:
    1. Classic: Students progress at their own pace and you see a leaderboard with live results 
    2. Instructor-paced: You control the pace so that everyone advances from one question to the next
  2. There are three modes within the Classic mode:
    1. Team: Individual students answer at their own pace but scores are grouped by the collective team
    2. Students answer at their own pace and compete individually against each other
    3. Test: Designed for taking formal assessments. Requires students to login
  3. Once you select a mode within Classic or Instructor-paced, share it with your students

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