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Classes on Quizizz are used to organize your student pool, assign quizzes (assignments or homework, live quizzes etc), and sort assessment reports by class and grade.

Classes on Quizizz help with:

  1. Generating a class-specific code that is valid up to 14 days. Students can click on the URL and enter the class code to automatically enroll into their designated Quizizz class
  2. Sharing a quiz individually - If you have to share a quiz with individual students and not the entire class, classes can help here 

  3. Scheduling a Quiz/Lesson: You can schedule assigning a quiz or lesson as homework 

  4. Filtering by class and grade: All quizzes are automatically sorted by class 

  5. Sharing reports with parents/guardians: Add parents/guardians' email addresses one time for a particular class. No need to repeat this for every assignment

  6. Google Classroom Integration: Sync your classrooms from Google to Quizizz. Individual students from different classes or grades can also be linked. Grades/ assignments reports are directly updated to the Google Classroom account.


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