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You can change a quiz's game music when you play the quiz as a student/participant. 

To change game music, follow these steps:

  1. Click on to participate in a game. Type the game code into the box to enter the game (your teacher would have shared a game code shared with you)
  2. Once your teacher starts the quiz, you'll enter the quiz and you can customize your game music
  3. Click on the play button on your extreme left. This stops the game temporarily
  4. Check the theme you want for this quiz; every theme has a specific background music 
    The more quizzes you play the more themes you unlock
  5. Click on the theme you want (the theme is your background and background music for a quiz)
  6. To disable the game music, you can toggle the Music option and disable it. Disabling music will not disable the background theme  


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