FAQs: Rostering Teachers & Importing Classes From ClassLink

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Note: Rostering via ClassLink is part of an early-access Beta program. If you would like to access it, please fill out this form

This article will address some common questions about rostering teachers, staff, and students on Quizizz via ClassLink and discuss importing ClassLink classes into Quizizz.

If you want to learn more about the rostering process first, here are some articles you can refer to:


Q. Which users are rostered on Quizizz via ClassLink?

A. All teachers and staff on ClassLink are rostered on Quizizz.

There are three user roles on Quizizz Educators, Administrators, and Students. Administrators have all the capabilities of an Educator on Quizizz, and they can also add and delete organization members and view organization reports.

  • Teachers on ClassLink will be assigned the Educator user role on Quizizz. Admins on ClassLink will be assigned the Administrator user role on Quizizz
    • Administrators can view the rostered Educators by logging into their Quizizz accounts and clicking on 'Manage Members'

    • Quizizz administrators can change a user's role from 'Educator' to 'Administrator' by accessing 'Manage Members' and selecting the 'Administrator' option from the drop-down menu next to the user.

  • Students on ClassLink will be rostered with the Student user role on Quizizz during the class import only, which is to be initiated by the teacher
    • Currently, Administrators cannot view the list of students who are rostered on Quizizz via ClassLink
    • However, Teachers can view Students who are part of their ClassLink classes by importing those classes into Quizizz via ClassLink. Once imported, they can click on 'Manage Class Roster' to see the list of Students who belong to that specific ClassLink class

Q. What happens to existing rostered users?

A. Quizizz uses email addresses to match existing user accounts with newly rostered ones. If existing user accounts have the same email address on Quizizz as they do on ClassLink, they will continue to have uninterrupted access to Quizizz.

Users rostered in your organization's Quizizz through manual addition or file upload will remain in your organization unless they are explicitly removed by Administrators from the 'Manage Members' page on Quizizz.

Q. What happens on Quizizz when a user is removed from ClassLink (or SIS)?

A. Quizizz periodically syncs with ClassLink to ensure roster accuracy. Once a user is removed from ClassLink, at the next sync:

  • The user's Quizizz account will be removed from your School District's Quizizz organization
  • The user will lose access to your District Library content
  • The user will continue to exist on Quizizz as a Basic Plan user and will lose access to the School District Plan features on Quizizz
  • All classes imported by the user via ClassLink will be archived in their Quizizz account

Q. What happens to classes at the end of the school year?

A. Quizizz syncs your class rosters from your Student Information System (SIS) through ClassLink. If a class is removed from ClassLink, the corresponding classes on Quizizz will be archived in the teacher's Quizizz account. This allows the teacher to still access the class history but they won't be able to assign new activities to these archived classes.

Teachers can still view data from past activities in archived classes under the Reports section.

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