Rostering on Quizizz via ClassLink: An Overview

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Note: This feature is part of an early-access Beta program. If you would like to access it, please fill out this form.  

The Rostering feature by ClassLink on Quizizz provides a secure and automated system for managing school district rosters. It allows district administrators to efficiently save time, minimize mistakes, and improve security, facilitating the easy integration of Quizizz into their curriculums.

Rostering via ClassLink

District Administrators now have the ability to automatically sync teacher and staff rosters on Quizizz through ClassLink, which eliminates the need for manual roster updates through file uploads.

Note: This action won't automatically create a student roster for a district or school on Quizizz. Instead, student rosters for each class will be made when a teacher decides to bring in their classes from ClassLink. To find out more, check the following section.

This integration syncs nightly, which ensures that Quizizz rosters align with ClassLink's records. Because of that, user accounts within your school district's Quizizz organization will be updated nightly to reflect any additions or removals made in ClassLink.

To learn more, refer to our article on Rostering Teachers & Staff on Quizizz via ClassLink as an Administrator.

Import Classes via ClassLink from your SIS

Teachers can import their ClassLink classes into Quizizz, which lets Quizizz automatically handle the linking of teachers and students through ClassLink. When teachers import a ClassLink class into Quizizz, it creates the class lists directly in Quizizz.

Teachers have the choice to either agree to or reject these ClassLink-synced classes.

Note that ClassLink Classes do not offer the ability to sync grades. However, teachers have the option to import their classes from other learning management systems (LMS) like Google Classroom, Canvas, or Schoology if they need to sync grades from activities assigned to a class.

For additional details, check out our article on Importing Classes From ClassLink Into Quizizz as a Teacher.

Note that the integration doesn’t:

  • Delete existing users on Quizizz added via other methods
  • Modify or delete existing classes in Quizizz added via other methods

Prerequisites for the integration

All teachers, admins, and staff members in a school district must have email addresses in their ClassLink accounts. Data records with missing email addresses on ClassLink will be filtered out.

If you have questions about rostering and importing classes, take a look at our FAQs by clicking here. In the FAQs section, we address commonly asked questions, including:

  1. Which users are rostered on Quizizz via ClassLink?
  2. What happens to existing rostered users?
  3. What happens on Quizizz when a user is removed from ClassLink?
  4. What happens to classes at the end of a school year?

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