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Students can now earn Coins on Quizizz! When they log in and participate in games and quizzes, they can earn Coins and unlock cool items for their Qbit. It's a great way to make learning even more fun and motivate everyone to get involved. And the best part? They can customize their Qbit to show off their own unique style!

How to earn Coins

Note: Students should be logged in to their registered Quizizz account to earn Coins and use them to shop for their Qbit.


Here's how students can earn coins:

As daily rewards

Students can earn Coins daily when they visit the Quizizz platform. It's super easy — all they have to do is click on 'Claim', and the Coins will be credited to their account. Plus, coming back every day will earn them even more Coins as their daily reward!

As rewards while playing a game

Students can earn Coins using Power-Ups during gameplay and giving accurate answers. Plus, completing a game will also get them some Coins. It's a fun way to boost their score and make their gaming experience even more awesome!

How to use Coins

Students can earn Coins and use them to personalize their Qbits! They can buy cool clothing items and accessories from the shop to make their Qbit unique and totally their own!

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To learn how to edit Qbits, read this article: Introducing Qbits: Customizable Avatars for Students on Quizizz!


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