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Note: Accommodation Profiles are currently in Beta.

At Quizizz, we understand that students thrive when their unique learning needs are met. 

With Accommodation Profiles, you can quickly provide specific accommodations to groups of students in your class. By doing so, you'll save time by assigning the same quiz to your entire class while ensuring you offer compliant scaffolded experiences for your students.

This article will discuss the different Accommodation Profiles available on Quizizz. To learn more about Accommodation Profiles and how to use them, look at Differentiate for Every Student’s Needs With Accommodation Profiles on Quizizz.


Accommodation Profiles available on Quizizz

Question Settings

  1. With this, you can choose how much extra time your students get for each question. Students will get the regular time for each question plus the extra time you set. This way, students who need a bit of extra time get the chance to engage and participate fully in a quiz.

  2. This Accommodation Profile lets students try questions again if they answered them wrong the first time. It's like a do-over that helps students understand better. So, they get a chance to fix their mistakes and learn more effectively.

  3. With this, you can select the number of attempts (up to 3) your students get for a quiz. After their initial try, they will see a 'Retry' button, enabling them to try again. This helps students learn better by giving them multiple chances to succeed.

  4. You can decrease the number of answer choices available to your students from the default set of options, allowing for two or three choices instead of the usual range. This simplifies the decision-making process for students, making it easier for them to select the correct answer.

Math Tools

  1. On enabling this Accommodation Profile, your students can use the help of the Desmos Scientific Calculator while attempting a quiz. This calculator offers advanced features for evaluating percentages, fractions, exponential functions, logarithms, trigonometry, etc.

  2. This Accommodation Profile will enable your students to use the Desmos Graphing Calculator to plot points, graph curves, evaluate functions, and more. This would help students better understand mathematical concepts and use higher-level approaches to solving math problems while attempting a quiz. 

Reading Support

  1. Once you enable this Accommodation Profile, Multiple-Choice questions will be translated into preferred languages like Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, or Hindi. Students can then engage with content in their preferred language, improving understanding and inclusivity.

  2. This Accommodation Profile will activate the text-to-speech functionality, which reads text aloud to students, assisting participants who may benefit from auditory learning or have difficulty reading text independently.

  3. With this Accommodation Profile, students can access translations for difficult words while answering questions by simply clicking the 'Dictionary' button. This feature is available for both Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ) and Multiple-Select Questions (MSQ), aiding students in understanding difficult words as they tackle their quizzes.

  4. This option allows you to activate the dyslexia font for your students. Students assigned this font will see questions displayed in the font. This supports students with dyslexia by providing a font designed to improve readability and reduce visual stress.

  5. You can modify the font size of the text in a quiz, ranging from default to medium or large. This Accommodation Profile personlizes the text display based on your students' requirements, promoting comfortable reading and understanding.

  6. You can determine the font spacing of the text in a quiz by choosing from options such as default, medium, or high spacing. Adjusting font spacing can enhance readability and accessibility, providing a more comfortable reading experience tailored to your students' preferences and requirements.

Learning Environment

  1. When you activate this Accommodation Profile for a group of students, they won't see the leaderboard after each question on their screens. This helps students focus solely on answering questions without the distraction of seeing their peers' scores constantly.

  2. With this setting turned on, students won't hear any background music while participating in the quiz. They also won't hear the sounds that play when they answer a question correctly or incorrectly. This helps create a quieter environment for students who might find music distracting, allowing them to concentrate better on their quizzes.

💜 Your class will not be made aware that there are unique experiences for some students, so they can all feel included while they focus on their own learning.

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