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Common Assessments on Quizizz are standardized formative assessments collaboratively designed by administrators and teachers. A Common Assessment can be administered to all students at a grade level and course across the entire school year.

When hosting a Common Assessment as a Teacher, you can utilize different anti-cheating and monitoring features that help you keep track of and manage every student's progress. Hosting a Common Assessment is simple and seamless, allowing you to focus on efficient facilitation while your students participate in the assessment.

In this article, we will discuss how you can create and host a Common Assessment and use its features to make it a seamless assessment experience. To learn more, take a look at Common Assessments: An Overview.

Common Assessments are available as an add-on with the Quizizz School & District Plan. To access this feature set, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Sales Representative, or send an email to

Hosting a Common Assessment

A Common Assessment assigned by your administrator will appear on your Explore page one week before it is scheduled to start. Additionally, it will always appear on your 'Assessments' page. You will also receive an email notification regarding a Common Assessment once your Administrator creates it and shares it with the team.

You can only run the assessment once it is live (between the start time and the end time).

  1. To start hosting the Common Assessment for your students, click on the 'Start Assessment' button from your Explore page
  2. Choose the class that is supposed to participate in the assessment
  3. After you click on 'Next',
    • Students of the chosen class will be alerted to join the assessment lobby
    • You will land in the assessment lobby, where you can monitor which students have joined the assessment
  4. After ensuring all the students are in the lobby, click on 'Start' to begin the assessment
    • Late joiners will have reduced time based on the remaining assessment duration

  5. Students must take the assessment in full-screen mode, also known as Focus Mode
    • Alerts will be issued for exiting full screen or tab-switching, signaling potential cheating attempts
    • You will be instantly notified of such activities and can remove students from the assessment
  6. To remove students from the lobby and the ongoing assessment,
    • Click on the 'Remove' button next to the name of the student
    • Removed students will not be able to rejoin the assessment

  7. A countdown timer is set for the assessment duration
    • A warning will be issued when 5 minutes remain
    • You can add more time to the timer by clicking on the 'Add Time' button on the right-hand side of the timer to accommodate disruptions due to technical issues

    • The assessment will not automatically end at zero on the timer. It will be when all students finish, or you end the test manually


Manage assignment to student rosters

Students who are part of the class (to which an assessment has been assigned), can take the assessment. To manage which students get the assessment:

For Quizizz Classes

  1. Log in to your Quizizz account and go to the 'Classes' section
  2. Choose the class for which you want to manage the roster
  3. Click on 'Manage Class Roster'
  4. To remove a student from the roster, locate their name in the list and use the delete icon beside their name
  5. To add students, click on the 'Add Students' option. You'll be provided with a class join link. Share this link with the students you want to add. Students who log in and use the link will be automatically added to the class roster

For LMS Classes

  1. Manage student rosters directly within your Learning Management System (LMS). Use the tools provided by your LMS to add or remove students from your class
  2. Once you've made any changes to the roster on the LMS side, return to Quizizz
  3. Choose the class for which you have updated the roster
  4. Click on 'Manage Class Roster'
  5. After making changes to your LMS roster, click on 'Refresh Roster' to ensure it reflects the most up-to-date information

Additional notes

When assigning assessments to classes, you have the flexibility to start the assessment in multiple ways:

  • Simultaneously Across Multiple Classes: Start the assessment in multiple classes at the same time
  • At Different Times for Different Classes: Start the assessment in different classes at different times
  • In the Same Class at Different Times: Make-up for students who did not participate in the assessment earlier

You can also track the status of your classes. Here's what each class status means:

Not Started: No student in the class has begun the assessment. Teachers can assign the assessment to this class, and a join notification will be sent to all students.

Partially Completed: At least one assessment session has started and completed, but not all students have participated. Teachers can assign the assessment to the remaining students, and join notifications will only go to those who have not participated yet.

Ongoing: The assessment is currently live, and students are participating. Teachers cannot assign the assessment to this class but can rejoin the live dashboard if they leave the session.

Completed: At least one assessment session has been completed with all students participating. Teachers cannot assign the assessment to this class as all students have already participated.

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