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Common Assessments on Quizizz are formative assessments collaboratively designed by administrators and teachers. A Common Assessment can be administered to all students at a grade level and course across the entire school year.

As a District Administrator, you can use Common Assessments to monitor student progress across your school district. It enables you to make necessary adjustments to help teachers and students meet the required learning standards.

This article will discuss how you can create, share, and monitor a Common Assessment and access reports.

To learn more, take a look at Common Assessments: An Overview.

Common Assessments are available as an add-on with the Quizizz School & District Plan. To access this feature set, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Sales Representative, or email

Creating a quiz

  1. Start by creating a quiz or by selecting an existing quiz from your Library
  2. Click on the tag icon () next to each question to tag it to a specific state standard
  3. Hit Publish from the top right corner

Creating and sharing a Common Assessment 

  1. Navigate to the top of the quiz page and click on the 'Create Common Assessment' button

    Note: To enable the 'Create Common Assessment' option, make sure that the questions are created with Assessment Question Types like Multiple-Choice, Fill-in-the-Blank, Reorder, Match, Drag-and -rop, Drop-Down, Math Response, Labeling, Hotspot, Graphing, Categorize, and Reading Comprehension.
  2. Configure the settings from the panel on the right side:
      1. Give your Common Assessment a title
      2. Enable or disable Standards-Aligned Reporting
        Note: If all the questions in the quiz have been tagged to specific standards, Standards-Aligned Reporting will be enabled automatically. You can disable this setting to fall back to Question-Aligned Reporting.
        If all questions in the quiz are not tagged, you will be prompted to tag all of them to enable Standards-Aligned Reporting.
      3. Tag the subjects and grade levels that the Common Assessment targets
  3. Share with your team by choosing an existing team of teachers who will administer the assessment in their classes, or opt to create a new team
  4. Set the start time and end time of the assessment. This could be a window of a few hours or even a few days
  5. Set assessment duration (a time limit for students to complete the assessment) to ensure consistency in timing for all participants
  6. If you want to allow teachers in the team to view the content of the Common Assessment before the start time, enable 'Allow teachers to view the quiz'
  7. If you want to allow teachers to view the reports of the Common Assessment, enable 'Allow teachers to view the class reports'
  • After configuring the settings, click on 'Create and share', followed by 'Got it' to confirm and share the assessment with your team

Additional notes

Team management: You can add or remove teachers and team members via the ‘Teams’ section under ‘My Library’.

Quiz editing permissions: To allow the author of the quiz to make further edits, you can assign them as co-editors, by clicking on the 'Share' button on the Common Assessments > View Quiz page.

Editing Assessments: Adjustments to the Common Assessments content and settings are possible anytime before the designated start time. Changes made after the start time will not affect the ongoing assessment. Between the start time and end time, you can only change the end time of the CA.

Monitoring the progress and status of a Common Assessment

  • For easy access and monitoring, the Common Assessment will appear on your Explore page
    • Your Explore page will display the assessment one week before it is scheduled to start until one week after it is scheduled to end

  • You can also access your Common Assessments by clicking on the 'Created by me' section from the 'Assessments' tab on the left navigation pane

  • When a Common Assessment is in the Scheduled stage (between creation time and start time):
    • As an administrator, you can edit the quiz content and assessment settings
    • You can share edit access with other authors to enable them to make further edits to the quiz content
    • Teachers can view the assigned assessment but cannot start the assessment yet
  • When a Common Assessment is in the Live Now stage (between start time and end time):

    • You can track the assessment progress from your Explore page and Assessments section
      • You can check which teachers have started and completed the assessment in their classes. Multiple assignments by the same teacher will not get counted again
    • Teachers can start the assessment
  • When a Common Assessment is in the Ended stage (after the end time)
    • You can view the reports after 48 hours from the Assessments section
    • Teachers can no longer administer the assessment

Accessing Common Assessment reports

You can find reports 48 hours after a Common Assessment has ended. All the report details will be available to you on a downloadable spreadsheet. Follow these steps to locate and access a Common Assessment report:

  1. Click on 'Assessments' from the left navigation pane
    • You will find the details of all your Common Assessments here
  2. Once it has been over 48 hours after a Common Assessment has ended, click on the active 'Export Report' button to download and view the report in a spreadsheet format

  3. On the spreadsheet, you can view details based on the following metrics:
    • Accuracy by skills and questions
    • School, teacher, and class reports by skills and questions
    • Details of each student and their responses

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