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Note: Accommodation Profiles are currently in Beta.

At Quizizz, we recognize that every student can thrive if their unique learning needs are supported. And that is why we are pleased to introduce Accommodation Profiles! 

With this feature, you can provide specific accommodations to groups of students in your class. This means you can save time by assigning the same quiz to your whole class while ensuring you provide compliant scaffolded experiences for your students.

To learn about the different Accommodation Profiles available on Quizizz, check out this article: Explore Each Accommodation Profile on Quizizz.

How Accommodation Profiles work

Let’s say you’re assigning a quiz to your math class. With Accommodation Profiles, you can create groups within your class such that:

  1. Sue and Derik receive an extra 30 seconds while answering questions, 
  2. Jamal has the Read Aloud feature enabled, 
  3. Sanjay, Beth, and Jon see reduced answer choices, 

and the remaining students in your class will experience the quiz using the regular game settings.

You can create as many groups as you need for a given class. These groups will be saved so you can reuse them in the future as well. You can always edit the groups by adding or removing students and modifying the accommodations. 

Accommodations available on Quizizz

While creating Accommodation Profiles, you can choose to:

  1. Provide extra time for questions (30s, 1m, or 2m) 
  2. Enable the Read Aloud feature 
  3. Reduce answer choices from 4 to 2
  4. Modify font size (Default, Medium, or Large)
  5. Modify font spacing (Default, Medium, or High)
  6. Enable Dyslexia Font
  7. Hide the Leaderboard
  8. Translate quiz content to different languages (Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, and Hindi)
  9. Enable students to see the translation of difficult words in their language (Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, and Hindi)
  10. Turn off sound effects
  11. Enable Redemption Questions and
  12. Set the number of participant attempts (1, 2, or 3) 

How to create Accommodation Profiles on Quizizz 

You can create and modify accommodation profiles while hosting a quiz live or assigning it as homework. Here’s how: 

  1. Select the quiz you would like to host 
  2. Click on ‘Assign homework’ or select the ‘Classic’ option under ‘Start a live quiz’ 
  3. Assign the quiz to a class 
  4. Click on ‘Add Options’ in the Accommodations section

  5. On the left panel, select the student(s) you would like to support with accommodations 
  6. On the right panel, modify the list of accommodations as needed and click on ‘Save Changes’. This will create your first group of students with accommodations
    1. You can edit the group name and click on ‘Edit Roster’ to add or remove students from this group 

  7.  From the list of remaining students, select the learner(s) you would like to support with a different set of accommodations. Repeat the process in step #6 to create a new group

  8. Once you have created all the groups you need, click on ‘Done’ 
  9. Review and modify the remaining settings for the quiz
    1. Note that these will be the default settings for the remaining students in your class who aren’t in any of your Accommodation groups

Click on ‘Assign,’ and you’re all set! Once your class joins the quiz, select students will experience accommodations based on their groups, and the remaining students will experience it with default settings. 

💜 Your class will not be made aware that there are unique experiences for some students, so they can all feel included while they focus on their own learning. 

View Accommodation Profiles in reports 

Once your quiz is assigned, you can view the results for each participant in the quiz report. Additionally, you can view results per Accommodation group. 

Select your report and click on the ‘Groups’ tab. This will display the accuracy percentage and completion rate for each Accommodation group. You can also click on ‘View Students’ to view the accuracy and points for each student within a group. 

Note: If you assign a quiz to multiple classes, you cannot create Accommodation Profiles for all of them on the game settings page. You can only create/modify Accommodation Profiles for one class per game.

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