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The Free-For-Schools program provides all the teachers in a school 100% free lifetime access to our top 3 premium features, including: 

🚀 Quizizz AI: Allows teachers to create quizzes in seconds using links, PDFs, or worksheets with just a prompt.

🌟 11 premium question types: Gives teachers an opportunity to use exciting question types beyond multiple choice questions to engage students like never before!

🌐 2Million+ premium quizzes and lessons: Provides teachers access to high-quality, teacher-curated quizzes and lessons. 

Note: This program is available for Quizizz users located in Australia, Canada, and the UK. 


How to unlock Free-For-Schools?

The Free-For-Schools program rewards educators with 100% free lifetime access to our top 3 premium features when their organization has 5 or more teachers on Quizizz.

To get started & join your organization page, follow these simple steps: 

  1. 🏫 Click here to access your School Page
  2. 🚀 Select your school from the list to join


  1. How long will I have access access to premium features?
    You will have access to these premium features for a lifetime.

  2. Who is eligible for Free-for-Schools?
    All schools, colleges, and universities in Australia, the UK, and Canada are eligible for Free-For-Schools.

  3. What do you mean by premium question types?
    Premium question types are interactive question types beyond MCQs, such as Drag & Drop, Match, Video Response, and more.

  4. What do you mean by Premium content?
    By Premium content, we're referring to quizzes and lessons created using interactive Premium question types, audio, video, or other Premium features.

  5. How do we unlock Free-for-Schools?
    Free-For-Schools will automatically unlock the moment your school has 5 teachers on board.

  6. Can I add more than 5 teachers?
    Yes, you can add more than 5 teachers from your school to your school page on Quizizz.

  7. Once Free-For-Schools is enabled, will all the teachers in my school get access to the premium features?
    Yes, once Free-For-Schools is enabled, all teachers in your school will benefit from this program.


The Free-For-Schools program offers you and your colleagues lifetime access to 3 premium features:

  • Quizizz AI
  • 2 million+ quizzes and lessons, and
  • 11 dynamic question types

However, Quizizz has so much more to offer! You can unlock all of our premium features and tools with our paid Quizizz plans. Click here to learn more.

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