Introducing Qbits: Customizable Avatars for Students on Quizizz!

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Say hello to Qbits! These customizable avatars offer students fun and creative ways to represent themselves on Quizizz. Learners can deck their Qbits in funky clothes, colorful backpacks, shoes, accessories, and more! 

In this article, we will discuss how students can edit their Qbits. We’ll also take a peek at all the places students and teachers can view Qbits in action.

How can students edit their Qbits?

Students can edit their Qbits either 

  1. from their student dashboard, or

  2. while joining a new game

They can click on ‘Edit my Qbit’ to try out different clothes and accessories. Or, they can click on ‘Random Shuffle’ to automatically mix and match their options and create a random outfit. Students can also download and print their Qbits. Once they’re happy with the customizations, they can click on ‘Save,’ and their Qbit is ready to go!

Where do students see Qbits?

Students can see their Qbits when they play a live or a homework game. The Qbit changes its expressions based on how students answer a question. 

Mastery Peak Game Mode 

The Mastery Peak game mode is where Qbits really get a chance to shine. Students can view their own avatars as well as those of their classmates while they wait for a Mastery Peak game to begin. They can also see their Qbits represented on the multi-tiered leaderboard. 


Where do teachers see Qbits?

Teachers can view the Qbits of their students while waiting for them to join a mastery peak game. 


They can also see the Qbits on the multi-tiered leaderboard and follow their progress up the mastery mountain. Finally, the Qbits make an appearance at the end of a mastery peak game when the results and awards are announced. 

Note: Students will not be able to see their Qbits while answering questions in Test Mode.

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