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MathVerse is currently available for select users and will be rolled out to everyone shortly. 

What is MathVerse?

MathVerse is an engaging, standards-aligned math practice platform. It contains a library of questions that have been created and vetted by experts so they align with your curriculum. With this library, MathVerse makes daily revision and homework that much more convenient! 


Think of this platform as a personalized guide. It leads students step-by-step to conquer any math skill! 

Why use MathVerse?

  • Save time: You never have to create fresh content on MathVerse. Its library of pre-made, standards-aligned content ensures you have everything you need for in-class revision or after-school practice. 
  • Encourage low-stakes learning: With MathVerse assignments, learners focus on individual growth over rankings. They can practice math skills and work towards mastery at their own pace. 
  • Boost engagement: MathVerse assignments involve gameplay where students answer questions to make their way to the peak of a mountain. They also get to score points, take calculated risks, and play mini-games! 
  • Address challenges head-on: Reports on MathVerse are dynamic and update automatically, enabling you to monitor student progress in real time. They show you exactly where students need help so you can provide personalized support. 

How MathVerse works for teachers

  1. Pick a skill: Choose a skill from MathVerse’s vast library of content organized by topic and level of difficulty. 
  2. Assign to class(es): Assign your chosen skill to your Quizizz class(es) so students can hop on board and begin to practice.  
  3. Get data in real time: Tap into dynamic reports for insights into individual and class performance to guide your instruction. 

For an in-depth guide, refer to our article on Assigning Skills & Viewing Reports on MathVerse. 

How MathVerse works for students 

  1. Join the activity: Students log in with their Quizizz credentials to access a MathVerse assignment, customize their avatars, and begin their journey. 
  2. Answer questions: Learners answer questions across various difficulty levels based on their current skill level and work towards mastery. 
  3. Get help when needed: If stuck with a tricky question, students can access an in-built StepGuide that will lead them to the solution one step at a time. 
  4. Reach the peak: Students answer questions to make their way up a mountain and reach its peak. All while taking breaks and having fun along the way! 

Refer to our article on the MathVerse Student Experience to learn more.

If you’ve got questions, head to our dedicated article on FAQs for all your MathVerse queries.

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