MathVerse: Assign Skills & View Reports as a Teacher

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MathVerse is an engaging, standards-aligned math practice platform. It contains a library of questions that have been created and vetted by experts so they align with your curriculum. With this library, MathVerse makes daily revision and homework that much more convenient! 

In this article, we will review the steps you can take as a teacher to assign a skill to your students. We’ll also discuss how you can tap into our live and dynamic reports to monitor student progress in real-time. 

Part 1: Assigning a skill to your students 

  1. Access MathVerse by clicking on this link and logging in with your Quizizz credentials 
  2. Browse through the list of skills displayed under the ‘Skills’ tab
  3. Select the skill you would like to assign. Here, you can preview some of the sample questions that will be shown to your students

  4. Click on ‘Assign Skill’ and select your classes. You can also assign to specific students within these classes

Your skill has now been successfully assigned! If your classes are linked to an LMS (such as Google Classroom, Canvas, or Schoology), students will receive an email with a link to practice this skill. 

If you assign the skill to a Quizizz class, students will see the link in their Quizizz accounts. You can also copy and share the dashboard link displayed on your screen with your students. 

Part 2: Monitoring progress via Reports 

Click on the ‘Reports’ tab to view the report for your assigned skill. Since MathVerse reports are dynamic, they auto-update periodically so you can see how your students are faring in real-time.

Student Details 

The Student Details table provides you with data on each of your students, including their predicted mastery percentage, the average time taken per question, and the number of times they used the step guide. 

While this table updates on its own, you can also sort it in ascending or descending order based on these metrics. Click on any of the student names to view more details on their performance in each question. 

Trouble Spots 

The ‘Trouble Spots’ section provides insights into which questions and steps students found particularly tricky. The questions here are grouped by their difficulty level (easy/ medium/ hard).


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