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MathVerse is an engaging, standards-aligned math practice platform. It contains a library of questions that have been created and vetted by experts so they align with your curriculum. With this library, MathVerse makes daily revision and homework that much more convenient! 

In this article, we will take a look at the student experience of MathVerse. We’ll explore how students can answer questions to make their way toward mastery, use the StepGuide to get timely assistance and have fun along the way! 

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Part 1: Access an assignment 

Before students attempt a practice assignment on MathVerse, make sure they are: 

  1. part of a Quizizz class, and 
  2. logged into their Quizizz accounts 

Once you assign a skill to your students via classes, they can log into their Quizizz accounts and click on the MathVerse button on the top navigation bar. 

This will take them to their MathVerse dashboards, where they will find the assigned skill. They can then click on it to begin the game. 

Here at the Basecamp, they can customize their avatars by choosing outfits and accessories! Once students click on ‘Begin Journey’, they’ll be shown the rules of the game, and the activity will begin. 

Part 2: Answer Questions 

Questions in a MathVerse assignment come in three levels: easy, medium, and hard. Students begin by answering two easy questions. Based on their responses, the algorithm adapts the difficulty level of the following questions to meet students where they are. 

Get help from the StepGuide

A central feature of MathVerse is the StepGuide, which acts almost like a math tutor. It helps students break down a math question into multiple steps with instructions on how to solve them. 

How it works:

If a student is stuck with a particular question, they can click on the StepGuide option. This will open up an interactive panel where they can work out the solution one step at a time. 

If a student answers a question incorrectly on the first attempt, the StepGuide automatically opens up to help them arrive at the correct answer. 

Note: If students rely on the StepGuide to solve a question, that question will not be marked as correct on the teacher’s report.  

Climb to the peak!

As students answer questions, they will level up from one camp to the next. This will take them higher up the mountain and closer to the peak. Once they reach the peak, they can plant their flags at the summit, and the activity is complete! 

Part 3: Have fun along the way! 

MathVerse assignments have been designed to gamify revision! While answering questions, students will come across fun experiences that will keep them engaged. 

Unlock outfits and accessories 

When students arrive at a higher camp, they can unlock new colors, outfits, and accessories for their avatars! Students can then customize their avatars with their newest finds. 

Play Mini Games 

Upon reaching a camp, students can choose to continue hiking up the mountain. Or, they can take a break with a Mini Game such as Dangerous Cave, Landslide, Circle Wars, or Find Your Essentials. Since there’s no rush to go back to hiking, learners can take all the time they need here! 


Take risks with the Zipline

Every now and then, students will be given a choice to take a Zipline. This will speed up their progress to the mountain peak. Alternatively, students choose to skip the Zipline altogether. 

Part 4: Visit the student dashboard

Once the assignment is complete, students will be taken to their MathVerse dashboard. Here, they’ll be able to see all the skills assigned to them, check their progress with incomplete assignments, and reattempt skills they would like to practice.


  1. Students must be logged in to Quizizz to access their MathVerse dashboards. 
  2. The gameplay of a MathVerse assignment involves scaling a mountain by answering questions. The difficulty level of the questions adapts to the student’s performance. 
  3. Students can use the StepGuide – an in-built math tutor – to solve tricky questions by breaking them down into simple steps.
  4. Using the StepGuide for a question will help students make progress up the mountain. But, the question will not be marked as correct on a teacher’s report. 
  5. Learners get plenty of breaks along the way to keep them motivated and engaged! 

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