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MathVerse is an engaging, standards-aligned math practice platform. It contains a library of questions that have been created and vetted by experts so they align with your curriculum. With this library, MathVerse makes daily revision and homework that much more convenient!

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What devices does MathVerse work on? 

MathVerse is accessible on any web browser and on any desktop or laptop device. 

How does MathVerse integrate with other classroom tools? 

MathVerse seamlessly integrates with many popular LMS platforms and gradebook systems through Quizizz. This simplifies data syncing and progress tracking. 

Is MathVerse safe and secure?

Student data privacy is our top priority. MathVerse complies with all COPPA and FERPA regulations and uses secure data encryption technology to protect student information. 

How does MathVerse align with my curriculum and standards? 

MathVerse content has been created by experts to meticulously align with Common Core standards. You can easily filter questions by specific standards. 

How does MathVerse differentiate instruction for my students? 

MathVerse uses an adaptive algorithm; it analyzes student performance data to personalize learning paths. Each student will receive questions at their optimal level of difficulty, ensuring both challenge and progress. 

What kind of training or support is available for teachers on MathVerse?

We offer comprehensive onboarding materials and dedicated customer support to ensure your success with MathVerse. We also have a vibrant online community where educators can share best practices and support each other. 

How do I assign a skill on MathVerse? 

You can assign a MathVerse skill to classes on your Quizizz account. This includes any classes you may have imported from an LMS such as Google Classroom, Canvas, or Schoology. 

You can choose to assign a skill to the entire class or pick specific students from the class(es). They will then be notified about the assignment and will be provided with a link to join. 

Why do I need to have classes on Quizizz to assign MathVerse skills? 

Currently, MathVerse skills can only be assigned to students who are part of a Quizizz class. This helps measure the progress of the entire class as well as individual student performance. 

How do I add classes? 

You can add a new class to your Quizizz account, and share a link with students to join the class. You can also import existing classes from an LMS such as Google Classroom, Canvas, and Schoology. 

Learn more about classes on Quizizz by clicking here. 

How can students join a MathVerse activity? 

Once you have assigned a MathVerse skill to your students via Classes, they will receive a notification along with a link to join the assignment. Students can also log into their Quizizz accounts and access their MathVerse dashboards to view the activities assigned to them. 

What kind of resources are available to support struggling students? 

MathVerse offers targeted interventions for students who need extra support. You can also access step-by-step tutorials and hints to guide students through challenging problems. 

What is the StepGuide, and how does it help? 

Think of the StepGuide as an in-built math tutor. When students find themselves stuck with a particularly tough question, they can access the StepGuide to help them break it down into simple steps and arrive at the solution.

How does the gamified approach work? 

MathVerse incorporates points, badges, and mini-games to motivate students and make practice more engaging. They can work towards individual goals while having fun, turning math into a rewarding experience. 

How do I ensure students don’t get too focused on the game and ignore the learning? 

MathVerse ensures a balance between engagement and academic rigor. While the game elements motivate students, the underlying focus remains on skill mastery and conceptual understanding. 

How can I monitor student progress and individual needs? 

MathVerse provides detailed data reports on individual and class-wide performance. You can track skill mastery levels, identify students who are struggling, identify mistakes they are making, and tailor instruction accordingly. 

What kind of data reports are available? 

You can access detailed reports on individual student performance, including skill mastery levels, time spent on practice, and areas of difficulty. You can also view class-wide reports to analyze overall performance and identify trends. 

How can I access the report for a MathVerse activity? 

After assigning an activity, you can click on the ‘Reports’ tab on your MathVerse dashboard. This will show you the reports for all the activities you have assigned, and you can click on them to view in-depth performance insights. 

Does MathVerse connect with external assessment tools?

While MathVerse does not directly integrate with specific standardized test platforms, its aligned content and skill-based assessments can serve as valuable preparation for external evaluations. 

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