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At Quizizz, ensuring the safety and security of our learning environment is fundamental. We are committed to providing a platform where educators and students can engage with confidence, knowing that robust measures are in place to protect against inappropriate content. 

Here are some of the measures we use to achieve this:

  1. Restricted Visibility of Student-Created Content: To safeguard our users' privacy and maintain content integrity, we ensure that student-generated content is not displayed in search results. This keeps student work within its intended educational setting and away from public access.
  2. Proactive Blacklist Measures: Our system utilizes an extensive blacklist to identify and block unsuitable or offensive usernames, fostering a respectful online environment.
  3. Content Moderation: We also apply a blacklist for monitoring and preventing potentially inappropriate content in activities, ensuring all materials on our platform are educationally appropriate and universally suitable.
  4. Safe Image Searching: In our effort to provide a secure browsing experience, Google SafeSearch is integrated into our image search capabilities. This feature filters out explicit content, ensuring safer image searches for our users.

Additionally, our community’s vigilance is a critical aspect of maintaining Quizizz’s safety. If you come across any content that raises concerns, please contact our support team at Your input is essential in helping us address issues swiftly and keep our platform a safe space for learning.

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