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The Match question type on Quizizz presents learners with a set of jumbled options that they can drag and drop to create matching pairs. This engaging question type is ideal for encouraging critical and higher-order thinking.

Some ways in which Match can be used include pairing countries with their capitals, words with their definitions, fractions with their decimal value, etc. 

In this article, we'll explore how you can create a Match question along with its answer options. We'll also learn how Quizizz AI can help you save time by automatically generating matching pairs! Finally, we'll take a look at how students experience this question type. 

The Match question type is available on the Quizizz Individual (Super) and School & District Plans

How to create a Match question 

  1. Click on 'Create' on the left navigation pane and select the 'Quiz' option
  2. Choose 'Create from scratch' and select the 'Match' question type 
  3. Type your question in the space provided. You can also add an image, audio clip, video clip, or equation here 

Now, it's time to add your matching answer options. You will see two rows of tiles where you can enter your matching pairs. Click on these tiles to enter text, an image, or a combination of both. Ensure that each option has its matching option directly below it.

Note: The options in the bottom row have a character limit of 40. The options in the top row do not have a character limit. However, if you add an image to an option in the top row, the caption that accompanies it will have a character limit of 40. 

🚀 You could also let Quizizz AI take care of this for you! 

If you enter one set of matching options, Quizizz AI can automatically generate similar matching pairs. All you need to do is type an answer option in one tile and enter its matching option in the tile directly below it.

Then, hover on any of the empty tiles to find the 'Generate with AI' button. Click on this button, and watch as Quizizz AI quickly fills in the empty tiles with similar matching pairs! Feel free to edit these options as you'd like, and you're good to go. 

Once you're happy with the question and the matching answer options, you can choose to add an answer explanation, set the number of points awarded, modify the time allotted, and tag relevant standards. Finally, click on 'Save question' and publish the quiz. 

Student experience 

When students attempt a Match question, all of the answer options will appear in a jumbled order.

To create matching pairs, students can click on an option from the top row and then click on its matching option from the bottom row. Or, they can click on an option from the top row and drag it to its matching option in the bottom row. 


The 'Generate with AI' option will not be visible if the first set of options entered by you contains an image. 

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