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Mastery Peak is our newest, biggest and brightest game mode! One of the reasons why teachers and students love it so much is because of the mini games that are peppered throughout the competition. Let's take a look at what these mini games are and how they work. 

Cave of Choices

After each level that students progress through, they reach a strategic decision-making cave where they’re presented with boulders. They need to break these boulders open to get a power-up, play a mini game, or just stay safe. 


The different mini games or obstacles that they need to get past are: 

Circle Wars 

In this challenge, players must draw a perfect circle around a center point. Sounds simple, right? Give it a try the next time your students are playing, and you'll be surprised by how tricky it can be!

To succeed, players need to achieve an accuracy rate of at least 80%. After completing the task, their best score is recorded. If their accuracy is among the highest in the classroom, their achievement is displayed at the top of the Circle Wars leaderboard, motivating others to beat their score.

Find your essentials 

This classic memory game presents students with a 4x4 grid of tiles, each hiding an essential item needed for a trek. Students need to click on the tiles to reveal the items behind them and create matching pairs. They'll uncover water cans, axes, torches, campfires, hiking boots, tents, backpacks, compasses, and more as they test their memory. 

Bat Cave

In this mini game, your students will find themselves stuck in a cave filled with bats. These bats are harmless, but they will block the way forward. 

Students must use the sonic remote to deflect the bats from their trajectory and clear a path. They must be cautious, though; these bats are really quick. 


The journey to the peak is fraught with natural dangers, and one of them is a landslide. Students must steer clear of the falling rocks by dodging them. They can control their movements by using the right and left buttons on their keyboards, ensuring they stay out of harm's way.

At the end of the activity, those who climb their way up to the peak first can choose to keep playing these mini games while they wait for their classmates to finish the quiz. We know how loud kids (and adults) can get when they're idle!

You can experience Mastery Peak by hosting a Live Quiz, selecting the 'Classic' option, and choosing 'Mastery Peak' from the list of game modes displayed. 

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