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Quizizz is pleased to announce the beta launch of your very own personalized teaching assistant, Quizizz AI! With Quizizz AI, you can tap into the limitless potential of artificial intelligence to support, engage, and motivate every learner. 

Whether you're looking to create an assignment from an existing document or modify your questions to make them more fun, Quizizz AI is here to assist you through all of it.

Currently, there are two ways in which you can use Quizizz AI.  

Create with Quizizz AI (Beta)

Now, you can create quizzes using existing content in under a minute. There are three ways in which you can do this:

  1. Upload a document: Simply upload a PDF/ DOC/ PPT file, and our AI-enabled generator will automatically create a quiz based on its contents
  2. Insert a weblink: Paste the link of a publicly available webpage, and Quizizz AI will craft a set of quiz questions for you 
  3. Enter text: Copy and paste text, type in a prompt, or enter a few keywords related to your topic to generate a unique quiz

To learn more, refer to our article on Creating Quizzes with Quizizz AI

Enhance with Quizizz AI (Beta)

Modify your existing quizzes (both manually created as well as AI-generated) with Enhance to customize activities according to your students' needs. 

With the click of a button or a few simple prompts, Enhance can modify specific questions within your quiz or alter the quiz as a whole. Here are some of the enhancements you can achieve with Quizizz AI:

  1. Simplify/ increase the complexity of a  quiz 
  2. Translate a quiz to another language 
  3. Add five similar questions to a quiz 
  4. Convert questions into real-world scenarios 
  5. Make a quiz more fun using a theme 

This is just the beginning, and there is so much more you can do with Enhance. To learn more about this, refer to our article on Enhancing Quizzes with Quizizz AI

Coming Soon ✨

The Quizizz AI family of tools will soon be joined by Analyze! 

With Analyze, you will be able to quickly and easily process data from your reports to gain meaningful insights. And, get personalized recommendations on ways in which you can differentiate instruction to meet your students exactly where they are. 



  1. Quizizz AI is still in the Beta stage of production. The features in this stage may produce errors or generate inaccurate information. We’re working on making it better with your feedback
  2. Quizizz AI Create is currently available in the USA, Indonesia, and Australia, and will be rolled out to all users shortly 
  3. Quizizz AI Enhance is currently available only in the USA and Indonesia and will be rolled out to all users shortly 


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