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We are bringing some of the most popular premium teacher upgrades to the Basic Plan! Here’s a quick look at all the tools that will now be available for free. 

  1. Scheduling activities in advance 
  2. Editing running activities 
  3. Reopen activities 
  4. Extend deadlines 
  5. Show your work 
  6. Manually rescore/evaluate 
  7. Skip questions
  8. Share progress and reports

Note: This is applicable only to Quizizz users in the USA. 

Plan ahead

Looking to get your lesson plans ready for school? 

Now, you can schedule activities in advance by picking a start time!

  • Pick a date and time to start your activity (this works for both live and homework modes)
  • You will find the activity ready to launch in your Reports section on your chosen date 
    • You can view your scheduled activities under the Reports section whenever you want!

Edit assigned activities

Tired of reassigning activities to fix an answer or typo?

Now, you can edit any running homework activity!

  • Find your running homework activity in the Reports section to change a number of game settings and edit questions and answers

Reopen activities & extend deadlines 

Catch students up on missed assignments, tests, and activities by reopening them. You can also give students more time to complete an activity by extending the deadline or keeping it open for the entire semester!

Support individualized learning

Here are four new ways to support individualized learning and practice:

  • Show Your Work - Let students show what they know (beyond the correct answer)
    • Find this option within the open-ended and fill-in-the-blanks question types! 
  • Manually Rescore - Flexibly grade your students' responses according to their understanding
    • Evaluate responses under the Reports section once an activity is complete
  • Skip Questions - Prevent anxiety and mindless guessing 
    • Allow students to skip a question under the game settings for your activities 

Celebrate wins!

Show off your classroom’s achievements, visualize student progress, and keep up with compliance requirements: 

  • Share Reports with colleagues, admins, and parents
    • Access the report for any activity under your Reports tab and share away!

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